Welcome to S D Memorial Sr. Secondary School, Gurgaon, Haryana











School provides a well equipped auditorium with the seating capacity of approx 500 people. Round the year, the students and sometimes even teachers get the opportunity to show- case their stage talents on different occasions. The auditorium is technically equipped for light and sound shows.

Art and Craft

A well equipped Art & Craft room opens door to a vibrant world of creativity, imagination, skill and innovation and provides opportunity to train the tender minds bringing them at par with global talents. An array of activities is conducted by a group of specialised teachers that focus on sharpening the artistic skills of students in various art forms.



With all the academia and extracurricular that keeps everyone on the toes, the cafeteria comes as one big reason to relax. Cafeteria is managed by School Staff with limited assortment in subsidized rates in order to ensure hygiene for the students.

Sports Room

Real education primarily encompasses an all-round development of an individual in a perfect way. Due to limitation of land space in the school because of its proximity to residential society, School is trying its level best to ensure that all physical activities are covered in school curriculum. Currently, School boasts a sports room for indoor games which includes physical as well as mind games. Competitions at all level are organized from time to time to imbibe the values of team spirit, discipline and leadership among the students.

School Zoo

A zoos paramount purpose is to promote wildlife conservation. A zoo exists to educate. Research happens, recreation happens, but above all is the intent to educate. The educational potential is at its greatest with a professional educator designing a learning activity to use at the zoo. The zoo is a great tool and its at its best when a real artisan is using it, a classroom teacher who has designed focused activities connected to a long-term curriculum. School Zoo experience can teach kids a range of important life lessons on responsibility, compassion, empathy, kindness, friendship, and patience.

Note: All birds at Zoo are legally allowed to be kept in zoo and do not come under the purview of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.